Europe, My Love…

1120c225bef3d92a66a30a48945cbcc6.jpgRudesheim, Germany- Photo by Tio Ceho on the Fivehundredpx/Jose Plaza Photography

It is pictures like these that remind me that I am meant to live in Europe. How do I know it? I can just feel it. Whenever I see a photograph, hear a song, catch a phrase in a foreign language, my heart starts to beat faster. It is a dream so strong and so precious, that it physically hurts to not be living it. I lose myself in the possibility that, perhaps, this could become my reality.
So what do I do? I come back down to Earth, adjust my bearings, and fall in love and in purpose with Europe all over again.  I formulate my plan.
Now if that isn’t a sign then what is?
I don’t know when or where or how I am going to get there…but I will get there. One day. Some day. Soon.
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#Europe My Love#-Leeuwarden, Netherlands

lights of ljouwert (leeuwarden, netherlands) bas meelker

When I was a teenager I fell completely under the spell of romance author Betty Neels, a retired nurse who started writing romance novels in the 1960s. The main character was always a young nurse, well-built, not too pretty but with beautiful eyes who somehow got tangled into a sweet romance with a handsome Dutch physician in the Netherlands. I liked her books so much, I bought out my local library’s entire collection at their annual Summer Sale! I still have a drawer filled with her books.


However, like most Harlequin Romance fans, I outgrew Betty Neels’ books, but her description of the Netherlands stills stays with me and has become a significant stop on my Europe Bucket List.

Photographer Bas Meelker photographed the winter canals of Ljouwert , Netherlands (Leeuwarden in English)  just beautifully. As soon as I saw this, I had to share it. It captures the Dutch city exactly as Betty Neels described it in her books.

One day. One day…

In the mean time, maybe I’ll pull out one of Betty’s old books and go back in time for awhile…


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#Eye-Catchers#-On Gaining and Losing a Home


Source: On Gaining and Losing a Home

Every now and then, I come across some great posts by other bloggers here on WordPress and I share them on my own blog so that more people can enjoy them and perhaps, discover a new favourite writer as well. I call them my “Eye-Catchers” and here’s one that caught me today.

I just came across this beautiful piece from the blog Adulthood… If I Must that just hit me straight in the heart. These days I’ve found that when people talk about Homes, it has very little to do with that actual warm, comfortable, safe, loving place in our lives we call Home and more to do with Real Estate, property value, rental or flipping potential.

But this post brings back that idea of Home and that bittersweet path to finding that place to call yours.

The photo above is courtesy of blogger J-Bo, owner of Adulthood…If I Must; WordPress just allowed me to add it to share the post on my own blog.

Thank you J-Bo!

Please click on the Source link above and check it out everyone, it’s lovely.

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#Enchanted By Edinburgh#

bank of scotland headquarters by dave studio2photography

This beautiful capture that I came across today is the Bank of Scotland Headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland. This photograph is amazing; for me, it captures down to a tee, how I see myself strolling through Edinburgh on a beautiful twilight evening. The ambiance radiating from the frame is so romantic.

I have a very overactive imagination and sometimes I get a little disappointed when the picture/film in reality doesn’t live up to my own mental photostream ( ie. The Harry Potter movies :S)

But this photographer, Dave Stewart of, doesn’t disappoint. In fact, he achieves the exact opposite. This photograph is Magic, pure and simple.

Thanks for sharing Dave!

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#Le Reve de Paris#

I went on a blind date a few weeks ago and when asked about my ideal place to travel, Paris was my answer, flying straight out of mouth before I could even think about it. The guy looked at me over his glasses, a little condescendingly, and said, “Everyone picks Paris, but when they actually go there they are so disappointed. Don’t expect too much.”

I looked at him, rather pityingly, over my coffee cup and replied, ” You don’t know Paris. She meets all my expectations and more. I won’t be disappointed.”

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* photos courtesy of Pinterest, merci beaucoup!*   
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#Loveliest Florence#


Under the Loggia dei Lanzi, in Piazza della Signoria

Out of all the cities I have visited in Italy, Florence was the place to capture my heart. Every corner, every nook is a blending of art and history, passion and simplicity, elegance and rustic charm; you can literally walk around all day and not get bored for even a minute. It’s an extremely beautiful city;  once you make her acquaintance you will never forget her and she will always beckon you to return.

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#Le Reve de Paris#


Spring has arrived in Paris! There’s just something about spring in the City of LIght that gives a sheen of romance to the entire city. I like how Parisians take pride in the beauty and glamour of Paris–making sure every corner, every detail, is just as beautiful as the whole picture.

Hope to see you soon Paree!


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#Delightful Doorways#

In my humble opinion, one of the best points of any piece of Architecture is the Doorway. The entrance to the unknown. To me, a doorway is  like a first impression-in most cases, you get a tiny glimpse into the soul of a home or space; however, first impressions can be misleading and once you cross that threshold, you may end up meeting something entirely different from your expectations. Or your imagination.

Here are some photos of amazing doorways that I’ve collected from my board on Pinterest. I thought I would share a few.

Cheers to a great start to the week!

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This door is a part of a pub in Wales that opens out onto the blue sea.



This door is apart of an inn along the Duoro River in Portugal







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From Cornwall with love


An entryway in Columbia