#A Dream Realized-Paris, France#



Paris has always been an elusive city to me, a sort of beautiful dream. It was enchanting, alluring, romantic and captivating-but somehow, always a little out of reach for me and my bookseller/medical extern/research assistant budget.

But all that changed last fall, when my mother gave me the gift of a lifetime. I was going with her to Paris. Paris! The city of my dreams! I had talked up this fantasy with everyone for YEARS!; so much so that my name had become synonymous with Paris in my little circle of friends.

‘Paris? Oh! That must be for S.’

‘France? It’s definitely S you want to talk to. Go find her, she’ll tell you all about it’.

‘Geez! Can’t she just shut up about Paris already?!’ (lol)

Needless to say, it was a journey of a lifetime-and the complete opposite of what I had envisioned in my mind. The fairytale and the reality meshed together, creating a memory so humbling, soulful, eye-opening and utterly lovely that I don’t think I will ever recover from it.

And nor do I ever want to.

Stay tuned for my hilarious mother-daughter adventures in France, see you soon!   x

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#Me, The Holidays and A Boy Called Christmas#

Hello Friends! I recently started another blog devoted entirely to my obsession with books. It is a love affair that has spanned decades, with each and every book leaving it’s imprint on my life and my perspective of the world. I posted my first official post today, I hope you check it out!

Thank you!
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The Book In My Purse


Every year, after the holiday has come and gone, I like to take a moment to just sit by my Christmas tree and reflect on how the season played out. Overall it was a nice Christmas and New Year-with moments of warm cheer, generosity and spirit, but also moments of loneliness, worry and solitude.

The holidays tend to be advertised as “the most wonderful time of the year”, but just like everyday life, it is an emotional rollercoaster, with its beautiful highs and lows amidst the softly falling snow.

While pondering these thoughts by the tree, the following book came to mind. “A Boy Called Christmas” by Matt Haig was gifted to me by the lovely Harper Collins Canada this season and it was wonderful, it completely mirrored my own Christmas spirit. Whenever those polarizing emotions  took over me, this book read like a favourite Aunt; empathizing with me…

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#None of that…but One#


My friends and I were having a conversation the other day, and we realized that 2016 was coming to a close. A mere 10 days left of yet another year gone too quickly. I can’t say that 2016 was an extreme year for me; there were some great highs and some intense lows. But overall, it was a good year.

So we began to go around the table, stating resolutions and promises for the new year to come, and when it came to me I said, “None of that..but One”.

“What?” they exclaimed. “You the eternal optimist? The resolution maker? The goal achiever? What does that even mean?”

“It means” I said “That this year, I am having none of that, but for One thing. And that thing is, I’m going to choose Me”.

This was met with a varied chorus of  ‘Good-for-yous’ and ‘Whatevers’-but to me, that was the only thing that popped into my head. For the first time in my life, when I think of the New Year-I see nothing. No goals, no plans, no resolutions, no outlines.  Just a blank, white space.

And I realized, it’s because I made the decision to put myself first and I know NOTHING about myself. I am so used to putting others before me, to living and thinking and being another’s version of myself, that when I actually think about Me objectively-It’s just a blank white space.

This year, I am choosing to get to know Me. And it’s pretty damn exciting!

For the first time in my life, the spotlight is on Me. I get to focus entirely on myself first. I get to meet myself, befriend myself, learn about how I work, what makes me tick, what are my weak spots, how my brain runs, how my heart beats. Its pretty cool and I encourage you to try it.

For 2017, Choose You. Take time for You. Look at You. Meet You. Discover You. Be with You. Learn about You. Like You. Share You. Protect You. Speak Up for You. Respect You. Love You.

This is not a selfish act. It is a generous act, because when you love and take care of You, you can love and take care of Others properly. It’s a ripple effect. Everyone wins.

So hears to the coming of a wonderful New Year! May 2017 be filled with all the love, happiness, health, wealth, success, safety and magic in the world for you.

Take care and talk soon.

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# A Poet’s Piece#


The brilliant Nayyirah Waheed brings it home again.

Straight to the heart.



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Ready To Hustle


Hello friends, I hope this post finds you well. It’s already a month and a half into the new year and, regretfully, this is my first post of 2016. Happy New Year! Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope it was wonderful for you.

So why the silence these past few weeks? Well, I found myself doing a lot of thinking and planning and soul searching -pondering what I really want in my life. It was very personal, my emotions oscillating between elation, determination, insecurity, rage, hopelessness and despair. It was quite a process, one that I couldn’t exactly put it all into words at the time. But I can now and, interestingly, it did bring me to this lightbulb of a conclusion-that I AM READY TO HUSTLE.

Tired of playing the victim and lamenting Fate’s difficult hand–I decided to chuck it all, and just work from scratch. Study for the exam, get the experience, find that job to stay afloat, apply again to the Match-really just hustle and believe that ‘Yes, I can do this and yes, I will get in’. To put it simply-mind, heart, body and soul I am just going to have faith.

Oddly enough, I find this to be one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I am not very trusting, of others, the universe or myself, so this will be a really big challenge. But, I’m ready to hustle. And I will continue to document my thoughts here, good and bad, and see what this project will bring.

After all, a lot can happen in a year right?

Have a good weekend!

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#Europe My Love#-Leeuwarden, Netherlands

lights of ljouwert (leeuwarden, netherlands) bas meelker

When I was a teenager I fell completely under the spell of romance author Betty Neels, a retired nurse who started writing romance novels in the 1960s. The main character was always a young nurse, well-built, not too pretty but with beautiful eyes who somehow got tangled into a sweet romance with a handsome Dutch physician in the Netherlands. I liked her books so much, I bought out my local library’s entire collection at their annual Summer Sale! I still have a drawer filled with her books.


However, like most Harlequin Romance fans, I outgrew Betty Neels’ books, but her description of the Netherlands stills stays with me and has become a significant stop on my Europe Bucket List.

Photographer Bas Meelker photographed the winter canals of Ljouwert , Netherlands (Leeuwarden in English)  just beautifully. As soon as I saw this, I had to share it. It captures the Dutch city exactly as Betty Neels described it in her books.

One day. One day…

In the mean time, maybe I’ll pull out one of Betty’s old books and go back in time for awhile…


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#Eye-Catchers#-On Gaining and Losing a Home


Source: On Gaining and Losing a Home

Every now and then, I come across some great posts by other bloggers here on WordPress and I share them on my own blog so that more people can enjoy them and perhaps, discover a new favourite writer as well. I call them my “Eye-Catchers” and here’s one that caught me today.

I just came across this beautiful piece from the blog Adulthood… If I Must that just hit me straight in the heart. These days I’ve found that when people talk about Homes, it has very little to do with that actual warm, comfortable, safe, loving place in our lives we call Home and more to do with Real Estate, property value, rental or flipping potential.

But this post brings back that idea of Home and that bittersweet path to finding that place to call yours.

The photo above is courtesy of blogger J-Bo, owner of Adulthood…If I Must; WordPress just allowed me to add it to share the post on my own blog.

Thank you J-Bo!

Please click on the Source link above and check it out everyone, it’s lovely.

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The True North – A Canadian Summer

I was talking to my friend in British Columbia the other day and amidst planning out our dream travels and then coming back down to earth to chalk-out our real-life, affordable travels, a question came to our minds. “Why don’t Canadians ever spend time discovering Canada?”. Canada is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world; with it’s beaches, seashores, mountains, woodlands, cities and quaint towns-it’s the perfect blend of metropolitan and roughin’ it. So what’s the problem?

After another hour of conversation, we figured it out. Bottom line is, travelling around Canada is VEERRYY expensive. Flying from Calgary to Toronto is about the same as flying from Toronto to London, England! Train tickets are no better. Hence the reason so many Canadians head down South or across the Atlantic/Pacific ponds to the Exotic. It’s cheaper than exploring our own lands!

However, there are some amazing spots in this country, well worth a week’s getaway even at such a steep price. So conclusion? My friend and I decided to start exploring our roots on a budget. Small steps, local spots this summer until  we’ve saved enough to meet somewhere in the middle, preferably at one of these beautiful spots below. And eventually, when we are old and grey, still backpacking through this great landscape, we’ll reach that moment when we’ve seen it all.

I’ll keep you posted!

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Lake Louise, Banff Alberta

chilliwack bc

Chilliwack British Columbia