#Me, The Holidays and A Boy Called Christmas#

Hello Friends! I recently started another blog devoted entirely to my obsession with books. It is a love affair that has spanned decades, with each and every book leaving it’s imprint on my life and my perspective of the world. I posted my first official post today, I hope you check it out!

Thank you!
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The Book In My Purse


Every year, after the holiday has come and gone, I like to take a moment to just sit by my Christmas tree and reflect on how the season played out. Overall it was a nice Christmas and New Year-with moments of warm cheer, generosity and spirit, but also moments of loneliness, worry and solitude.

The holidays tend to be advertised as “the most wonderful time of the year”, but just like everyday life, it is an emotional rollercoaster, with its beautiful highs and lows amidst the softly falling snow.

While pondering these thoughts by the tree, the following book came to mind. “A Boy Called Christmas” by Matt Haig was gifted to me by the lovely Harper Collins Canada this season and it was wonderful, it completely mirrored my own Christmas spirit. Whenever those polarizing emotions  took over me, this book read like a favourite Aunt; empathizing with me…

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#None of that…but One#


My friends and I were having a conversation the other day, and we realized that 2016 was coming to a close. A mere 10 days left of yet another year gone too quickly. I can’t say that 2016 was an extreme year for me; there were some great highs and some intense lows. But overall, it was a good year.

So we began to go around the table, stating resolutions and promises for the new year to come, and when it came to me I said, “None of that..but One”.

“What?” they exclaimed. “You the eternal optimist? The resolution maker? The goal achiever? What does that even mean?”

“It means” I said “That this year, I am having none of that, but for One thing. And that thing is, I’m going to choose Me”.

This was met with a varied chorus of  ‘Good-for-yous’ and ‘Whatevers’-but to me, that was the only thing that popped into my head. For the first time in my life, when I think of the New Year-I see nothing. No goals, no plans, no resolutions, no outlines.  Just a blank, white space.

And I realized, it’s because I made the decision to put myself first and I know NOTHING about myself. I am so used to putting others before me, to living and thinking and being another’s version of myself, that when I actually think about Me objectively-It’s just a blank white space.

This year, I am choosing to get to know Me. And it’s pretty damn exciting!

For the first time in my life, the spotlight is on Me. I get to focus entirely on myself first. I get to meet myself, befriend myself, learn about how I work, what makes me tick, what are my weak spots, how my brain runs, how my heart beats. Its pretty cool and I encourage you to try it.

For 2017, Choose You. Take time for You. Look at You. Meet You. Discover You. Be with You. Learn about You. Like You. Share You. Protect You. Speak Up for You. Respect You. Love You.

This is not a selfish act. It is a generous act, because when you love and take care of You, you can love and take care of Others properly. It’s a ripple effect. Everyone wins.

So hears to the coming of a wonderful New Year! May 2017 be filled with all the love, happiness, health, wealth, success, safety and magic in the world for you.

Take care and talk soon.

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# A Poet’s Piece#


The brilliant Nayyirah Waheed brings it home again.

Straight to the heart.



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#A Poet’s Piece#

imagePoetry by Nayirah Waheed

I sent this piece to a friend today, a budding Poet who’s love for words rival my own, and her reaction was just lovely.

Here’s what she texted me…

“Honest to goodness gracious. These words are exactly what I need right now. Thank you sooooo much! xx”

That’s the beauty of the words of Nayyirah Waheed-there is always a verse to move your soul to peace. For me, she generates hope. And at the end of the day, hope is where my faith lies.

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#What Sundays Are Made Of#


I love Sundays. It’s  my one day off during the week where I don’t have to follow a schedule, punch in a time clock, re-write a draft or meet a deadline. I close my medical books and stop studying for my exam. I don’t work at the bookstore. I don’t look at my research paper. I keep the news and social media to a minimum. In short, I tune out the world that lies outside and become better acquainted with the world that lies inside. I get to know Me.

I go wherever my mind, body and soul take me. I slept in. I read a couple of chapters of Jonathan ReBanks ‘The Shepherd’s Life’. I gave my hair a much-needed coconut oil massage. I did my nails. I took a long walk with my puppy. I enjoyed a Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate from Second Cup. I skipped for half an hour. I played Stevie Nick’s ‘Crystal’ about 100 times. I bought more Christmas decorations. I prayed. I talked to my friend  in Vermont for 3 hours. I watched the latest episode of korean drama ‘Oh My Venus’. I contemplated giving my cousin a second chance at a relationship. I daydreamed about So Ji Sub and me on a date. I talked to my Mum over Breakfast smoothies. I blogged. I painted. I lounged upside down on the couch. I did yoga Corpse Pose. I brushed Jasper’s fur while he slept. I breathed.

I wish I knew who wrote that quote pictured above because it makes so much sense to me.  Today I found Stillness- those moments or acts of complete peace that somehow brings you closer to yourself. I found Stillness in everything, anything and nothing. For one day, I listened to myself, paid attention to myself and then did what myself asked. It felt marvellous.

I guess that’s what Sundays are made for, really.

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#That Most Beautiful Autumn Day#

Hello hello! It’s been too long since I last wrote on here- I apologize for the silent absence. To be honest, I’ve been struggling with myself these past few months, questioning what I am really meant to do in this lifetime.

It’s a morbidly funny thing when you devote your life to this one goal, but it isn’t working out for you. What do you do? Do you keep at it and hope it will happen? Do you have faither? Or is it a sign to quit?  Doo you give up? And if you do quit, does that mean you’ve just wasted 30 years of your life? What do you do now? How do you start over? Earn a living? Pay off debts? Survive?  Create that extraordinary life you constantly dream about?

These are the questions that have been running through my head, day and night for the last 3 months. When I finally hit rockbottom and couldn’t take my Depression anymore, I got up and went out for a walk with my puppy Jasper.

And this is what I captured…



As you can see, it was an incredibly beautiful day. Exceptionally beautiful. The sky was a pristine blue, the sun was warm, inviting, and the wind that rustled the leaves was gentle and playful, like a child’s laughter. It was one of those days where the world embraces you gleefully and says  “Don’t stress. Just trust me”.

As soon as I stepped out, I felt the darkness leave me. The light and the breeze and the colours just dazzled me into instant happiness;  so much so that I started smiling and felt lighter and relaxed immediately.

Jasper and I walked round and round the park till the sun began to set and then we made our way home. And what a different walk back that was! I was still in my current situation. I had no concrete answers to my questions. But, for a brief moment in time, I listened to Life and she calmed my soul; and from that space, I was able to face those questions with a peaceful, happy and open frame of mind.

Looking back now, I think that was, in itself, a part of the answer- to take a moment, get out of your own head, and listen to Life. Trust it. One way or another, it will lead you back to your authentic self and you will find your answers. Or at least, the frame of mind to pursue them. And sometimes,  that’s what makes all the difference.

Tnx 4 Reading 🙂

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#Think About It#


This is one of my favourite quotes from Maya Angelou, a poet that I am really into these days. i just finished reading one of her books entitled “Letters to My Daughter and the one thing that struck me is how deliberate she was. In every piece of her work, each word is significant, carefully chosen, alone or in combination, to create an impression. Her words paint pictures for me, not flashes or bursts of clarity, but slow and progressive thoughts, that become understood  and absorbed with time.

If you cannot read the above quote properly, let me write it out for you.

“Stand up straight and realize who You are. That You tower over your circumstances. You are a child of God. Stand up straight”

Any time I begin to feel down or ashamed about my circumstances,  I think about these words. Slowly, steadily, sort of like building a wall, they re-inforce me. Brick by brick, little by little, my foundations of self-confidance, self-respect and self-love return and I become stronger and happier and more mindful of the life around me.

And the best part about these words is that the feeling it creates in you, isn’t just a fleeting thing-it establishes roots. It stays with you and grows until eventually it changes you. You become strong and resilient, attuned and steadfast. And you realize that you are a person of significance, a person meant to last.

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My Love Song to Toronto

This is an amazing photo gallery of Toronto, I’m just blown away by these photographs. Even the title of this post is beautiful! Not only are these photographs spectacular, but they really capture the various moods of Toronto–exciting, sophisticated, tranquil, open, whirlwind etc; the emotions–that’s what really caught me at first sight. Thank you for the post!

Feel free to check out Ryan’s blog and website for more of his work 🙂

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Ryan Bolton.

Toronto is my muse.

Here are some of my favourite shots of this great city as of late. Go explore.

Humber Bridge Toronto By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Ryan Bolton. All rights reserved. Photo by Ryan Bolton. All rights reserved.

Flatiron Toronto Gooderham By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

IMG_7810 By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

Toronto's flatiron the Gooderham Building. (Photo by Ryan Bolton) By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

Toronto at night | Photo by Ryan Bolton By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

IMG_1733 By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

Toronto at Night Photo By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

Purple & Blue CN Tower By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

Humber Bridge Toronto Night By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

Toronto Flatiron Night Photo By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

Boy and the Tower (Photo by Ryan Bolton) By Ryan Bolton. All Rights Reserved.

To see more of my photography, go here. If you’d like to use or purchase any of my work, contact me here.

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#Think About It#


I’m just beginning to realize how true these words are. Unless used for motivation and inspiration, comparison is a pointless and unproductive exercise. I’m trying to implement it more and more into my life by taking the focus off others and putting the spotlight on myself. Its hard, especially after almost 30 years of doing the opposite, but it has its rewards and I like the new perspective it’s bringing to me.

So far so good!

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