#Depression-Its Ok#

Thank you. Sometimes I need a reminder like this….
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# A Poet’s Piece#


The brilliant Nayyirah Waheed brings it home again.

Straight to the heart.



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#Caught In A Loveship#


Eight years ago, I fell in love with my friend. I didn’t realize it till much later, and then I was too scared to say anything, for fear of ruining our friendship. Time passed, we grew apart, but still kept in touch. On a trip to Paris however, everything changed. I confessed my present love, He confessed his past love, and we realized we were too late. We had lost our chance. The moments were gone and all I am left with now is the ‘what if’-which, to me is the most heart-breaking thing of all.

We’re caught in a Loveship. Neither love, nor friendship-but the something in between. In order to get over my heartbreak, I wrote down every memory I have of Him in my journal. It made me smile and cry. He is a wonderful man and I want to celebrate His moments in my life, celebrate Him so much that eventually I can let Him go with a smile-and genuinely mean it.

As a result, I thought I’d share my story here. With You. I chose art by illustrator Pascal Campion (www.pascalcampion.com/shop) to complement each post because I just love his work. To me, his illustrations personify Love in all it’s forms and I think, in this case at least, he captures my “Loveship” perfectly.

Wish me luck..

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#A Poet’s Piece#

imagePoetry by Nayirah Waheed

I sent this piece to a friend today, a budding Poet who’s love for words rival my own, and her reaction was just lovely.

Here’s what she texted me…

“Honest to goodness gracious. These words are exactly what I need right now. Thank you sooooo much! xx”

That’s the beauty of the words of Nayyirah Waheed-there is always a verse to move your soul to peace. For me, she generates hope. And at the end of the day, hope is where my faith lies.

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#The Beauty of The Storm#


It’s amazing how Nature can mirror one’s soul at a single moment in time. I found this photograph on Pinterest and was struck at how much I resonated with it right now. There’s a storm brewing in my life. The wind is picking me up, blowing me nowhere in every direction. The rain has started, beating down steadily, unflinchingly, until I’m reduced to a crawl. It is hard, scary and difficult.

However, there is beauty in the storm as well. While it is wild and frightening, it is also temporary. And in this fleeting moment, it presents the opportunity to breakdown and face the fears, doubts, insecurities, anger, frustrations and tears that built up the storm in the first place. The process is not easy; on the contrary, it’s hurtful and shameful and remorseful and all types of pain personified, but it is also hopeful, and for that I keep going. One step at a time,  I trudge through each and every feeling until eventually, the storm stops. The skies clear and the storm calms and in a strong voice full of pride and and warmth, it says to me ‘Congratulations, you made it through. You looked it in the eye and you let it all go. Now you can start anew’.


In this day and age where people are expected to display only the fun, bright, exciting sides of life, this is actually a beautiful gift.The opportunity to breakdown and rebuild oneself-therein lies the beauty of the storm.

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When Two Book Lovers Meet…


It’s an amazing thing really, when two book lovers meet. Only good things ever come out of such an experience, and the energy from it radiates out far longer than one would imagine.

I was at the store the other day and I came across a young lady in the Teen section, browsing our selection. I asked if she needed help. She asked for some suggestions. And pretty soon we were declaring our love for books galore. We exchanged opinions and ideas about our favourite books, chattering excitedly about why we liked this one and why we hated that one. We pulled out our book lists we always carry around, she at 252, me at 327, and wrote in some must-haves to eachother’s collection. We laughed over the countless sleepless nights spent reading  just because we cannot bear to return to reality just yet;  that world between the pages refuses to let us leave. It was just a really great conversation and I left her with, hopefully, some great reads and a big smile on my face.

Little did I know, our conversation didn’t end there. I was called up to Front Cash later and when I approached the desk, my friend said that very same customer bought me her favourite book, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, as a thank you for such a great experience. I was so touched.  Never in my time at the store have I experienced such a kind and amazing gesture from a customer. I was happiness personified.I couldn’t contain it.It was absolutely wonderful.

Regardless of whether I end up enjoying the series or not, I will always keep this book as a lovely memory of that great meeting with a kindred spirit. Books really are amazing things. Not only do they introduced us to colourful worlds and vivid characters, they bring people together. That experience has carried me on cloud nine throughout the week and will probably keep me going throughout the year because, well let’s face it, only good things can happen when two book lovers meet.


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#Christmas Isn’t a Season, It’s a Feeling#


Edna Ferber could not be more right-Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling. December has arrived and, for me, Christmas has begun.  I’ve always loved this time of year, but recently I’ve realized that I adore the the spirit of the holidays more than the materialism. Amidst that air of nostalgia, generousity and kindness for others over ourselves is the priority and people of all ages get to indulge in Childhood-where Innocence is created and celebrated.

As the years go by, my friends and family  realize that we  don’t want gifts anymore, so instead, we just indugle in the holiday spirit with eachother. That means getting lost in lights and Christmas decorations, staying up late to complete the Christmas movie marathons, reading The Christmas Carol for the 100th time, celebrating Advent at Church, baking Christmas and Indian treats to give to everyone we know, and hitting every Christmas market and festival in the city.

In the end, Christmas ends up being one of the best times of the year  because of all the memories made with everyone. And as my dear Mum always says, “It’s the memories that will keep us all together”.

I’m going to try and document my Christmas Season this year. Feel free to follow me here and on my Instagram love_untitled.

Ttyl 🙂

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#Simple Actions, Big Inspiration#


I have a big board exam coming up, the final step to obtaining my US Medical License, and I have been procrastinating like nobody’s business. I’ve come up with a thousand excuses, found a thousand loop holes, but when it comes down to it, they all mean nothin’. Bottomline: I have to study, but I am too lazy to sit down and do it. Period.

All of a sudden I came across this photograph and, in one simple moment, I was humbled. Joyce Torrefranca, a medical student in the Phillipines, captured a little boy named Daniel Cabrera, doing his homework in the street by the light of a McDonalds restaurant. Daniel and his mother are homeless, and after his father died and his house burned down, Daniel and his mother can be seen begging to survive.

But despite all that hardship, Daniel still makes time to finish his homework and attend and participate in school. This is amazing! I am humbled and inspired and awed all at the same.

To read the full article check out this linkhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/philippines/11728099/Homeless-boy-using-McDonalds-light-to-do-homework-proves-inspirational.html

Thank you Daniel!

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#Let’s Help#- The Earthquake Tragedy in Nepal 2015


4000+. That’s the current number of deaths from the 7.9 scale earthquake that tragically hit Nepal this past week.

I was watching the news and reading articles about the situation in Nepal, but I’m still in shock and disbelief. The mass destruction of Kathmandu, the thousands killed instantly, those still buried alive under the rubble and the millions turned homeless over night. I cannot even imagine what it’s like to be in their shoes- to lose one’s entire life, family, friends, homes, livelihood, everything, in the span of hours. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

While listening to the news, I was having a hard time identifying with this tragedy and then I saw this photograph. This photograph above really brought this tragedy home to me. Two men were found underneath the rubble after an 18 hour search-one thankfully alive and conscious, but his friend killed instantly and lying beside him dead. That photograph made my heart constrict and left me breathless. Just imagine, one minute you’re talking with your friend, hanging out like any other day, and the next minute, he’s lying dead beside you and you’re fighting to stay alive beneath a thousand pounds of rock and rubble, praying that you will be rescued. That’s absolutely terrifying-and sadly, it’s a reality for thousands in Nepal.

While I am only beginning to understand the magnitude of this tragedy, I am so heartened and proud by the world’s response to help Nepal. Countries all over the world are sending money, supplies, planes, volunteers, medicine, doctors, engineers-anything, everything and everyone willing to offer assistance wherever needed. Seeing all this cooperation really motivates me to do my part as well. We need to help, there is just no other way around it, we need to step up and offer assistance, supplies, food, aid, prayer, compassion, anything and everything to help out.

I’m ready to do what I can, how about you?

Below is a list of charities that are actively collecting and giving out donations and supplies on the ground to the people of Nepal. If you would like to help out, feel free to call up your local or national branch of these organizations-every little bit, no matter how big or small, will make a world of difference. I guarantee it.

-Red Cross

– OxFam

-Save the Children


-Plan Canada

– CARE Canada

– Care.org

Thank you for your love, generousity and support.

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* NOTE: Some of the photographs below are quite graphic, but I wanted to share them because this is Nepal’s reality and it’s the only way we can understand and feel for them. And in this way, we can help.*




150425203057-nepal-injured-large-169 Nepal-2 Kathmandu Struck By Powerful Earthquake