#Song of The Moment#

Crush-Yuna Ft.Usher

When I first heard this song, it took me back to the 90s-that old-school, mellow beat that made up some of the most romantic songs of the decade. Thought I’d share this gem with you 😉

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#Caught In A Loveship#


Eight years ago, I fell in love with my friend. I didn’t realize it till much later, and then I was too scared to say anything, for fear of ruining our friendship. Time passed, we grew apart, but still kept in touch. On a trip to Paris however, everything changed. I confessed my present love, He confessed his past love, and we realized we were too late. We had lost our chance. The moments were gone and all I am left with now is the ‘what if’-which, to me is the most heart-breaking thing of all.

We’re caught in a Loveship. Neither love, nor friendship-but the something in between. In order to get over my heartbreak, I wrote down every memory I have of Him in my journal. It made me smile and cry. He is a wonderful man and I want to celebrate His moments in my life, celebrate Him so much that eventually I can let Him go with a smile-and genuinely mean it.

As a result, I thought I’d share my story here. With You. I chose art by illustrator Pascal Campion (www.pascalcampion.com/shop) to complement each post because I just love his work. To me, his illustrations personify Love in all it’s forms and I think, in this case at least, he captures my “Loveship” perfectly.

Wish me luck..

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#Bridesmaid Diaries#


A month ago, I was heading to brunch with The Girls- 2 lovely ladies I met 13 years ago in a 2nd year Zoology lab at UofT. My undergraduate experience was abominable, but these girls were the silver lining in that cloud. My lifetime friends.

So over mounds of french toast and strawberries, my girl T announced that she was getting married! It was amazing-the squeals and applause were deafening. And a few weeks ago, E and I got a very special phone call, asking us in the sweetest way to be her bridesmaids. I’m so thrilled!

Out of my close group of lifetimers ( the friends I will hold onto till the nursing home), T is the first to get married; and to be asked to be apart of the wedding from start to finish is such an honour.

This is my first time being apart of a friend’s big day, so I thought that I would document the experience here. I’m really beginning to understand  how stressful it is to plan a wedding. Every little detail has to be noted, discussed, budgeted, tried on, fitted, RSVPed, it’s insane!  But, I’m also realizing how vital my role as a bridesmaid is; originally, I thought Bridesmaids were just there to make a pretty background for the bride. Nooo, that is not so. The bridesmaids are the pillars of strength- providing help and support in any way, shape or form. If the Bride needs to decide on a colour scheme, you hop onto Pinterest with her for ideas. If she wants a bridal shower, you help plan and organize it. If she needs to find dresses, you go shopping with her. Basically, the bridesmaid is there to   keep the wedding experience a happy experience for the Bride.

It’s a really beautiful thing when two people get married, especially in this day and age when Marriage isn’t as significant as it used to be. Which is why I am so happy that T asked me to be one of her bridesmaids-I’m not just a guest at the reception, I get to be happy and celebrate her every step of the way. Just being there for your friend-that’s really the beauty of being a Bridesmaid.

Thank you T, I will do my best to live up to my position. Congratulations!

Will keep you all posted, ttyl 🙂

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#Le Reve de Paris#


Yes folks, it looks like the travel plans to Paris have been postponed for another year yet again! But, in the mean time, I can enjoy these beautiful photographs from Pinterest, and start saving and planning for next year. April/May 2016 is reserved for two–Me and Paris.

A bientot!

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