#A Dream Realized-Paris, France#



Paris has always been an elusive city to me, a sort of beautiful dream. It was enchanting, alluring, romantic and captivating-but somehow, always a little out of reach for me and my bookseller/medical extern/research assistant budget.

But all that changed last fall, when my mother gave me the gift of a lifetime. I was going with her to Paris. Paris! The city of my dreams! I had talked up this fantasy with everyone for YEARS!; so much so that my name had become synonymous with Paris in my little circle of friends.

‘Paris? Oh! That must be for S.’

‘France? It’s definitely S you want to talk to. Go find her, she’ll tell you all about it’.

‘Geez! Can’t she just shut up about Paris already?!’ (lol)

Needless to say, it was a journey of a lifetime-and the complete opposite of what I had envisioned in my mind. The fairytale and the reality meshed together, creating a memory so humbling, soulful, eye-opening and utterly lovely that I don’t think I will ever recover from it.

And nor do I ever want to.

Stay tuned for my hilarious mother-daughter adventures in France, see you soon!   x

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Ready To Hustle


Hello friends, I hope this post finds you well. It’s already a month and a half into the new year and, regretfully, this is my first post of 2016. Happy New Year! Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope it was wonderful for you.

So why the silence these past few weeks? Well, I found myself doing a lot of thinking and planning and soul searching -pondering what I really want in my life. It was very personal, my emotions oscillating between elation, determination, insecurity, rage, hopelessness and despair. It was quite a process, one that I couldn’t exactly put it all into words at the time. But I can now and, interestingly, it did bring me to this lightbulb of a conclusion-that I AM READY TO HUSTLE.

Tired of playing the victim and lamenting Fate’s difficult hand–I decided to chuck it all, and just work from scratch. Study for the exam, get the experience, find that job to stay afloat, apply again to the Match-really just hustle and believe that ‘Yes, I can do this and yes, I will get in’. To put it simply-mind, heart, body and soul I am just going to have faith.

Oddly enough, I find this to be one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I am not very trusting, of others, the universe or myself, so this will be a really big challenge. But, I’m ready to hustle. And I will continue to document my thoughts here, good and bad, and see what this project will bring.

After all, a lot can happen in a year right?

Have a good weekend!

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