Europe, My Love…

1120c225bef3d92a66a30a48945cbcc6.jpgRudesheim, Germany- Photo by Tio Ceho on the Fivehundredpx/Jose Plaza Photography

It is pictures like these that remind me that I am meant to live in Europe. How do I know it? I can just feel it. Whenever I see a photograph, hear a song, catch a phrase in a foreign language, my heart starts to beat faster. It is a dream so strong and so precious, that it physically hurts to not be living it. I lose myself in the possibility that, perhaps, this could become my reality.
So what do I do? I come back down to Earth, adjust my bearings, and fall in love and in purpose with Europe all over again.  I formulate my plan.
Now if that isn’t a sign then what is?
I don’t know when or where or how I am going to get there…but I will get there. One day. Some day. Soon.
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#A Dream Realized-Paris, France#



Paris has always been an elusive city to me, a sort of beautiful dream. It was enchanting, alluring, romantic and captivating-but somehow, always a little out of reach for me and my bookseller/medical extern/research assistant budget.

But all that changed last fall, when my mother gave me the gift of a lifetime. I was going with her to Paris. Paris! The city of my dreams! I had talked up this fantasy with everyone for YEARS!; so much so that my name had become synonymous with Paris in my little circle of friends.

‘Paris? Oh! That must be for S.’

‘France? It’s definitely S you want to talk to. Go find her, she’ll tell you all about it’.

‘Geez! Can’t she just shut up about Paris already?!’ (lol)

Needless to say, it was a journey of a lifetime-and the complete opposite of what I had envisioned in my mind. The fairytale and the reality meshed together, creating a memory so humbling, soulful, eye-opening and utterly lovely that I don’t think I will ever recover from it.

And nor do I ever want to.

Stay tuned for my hilarious mother-daughter adventures in France, see you soon!   x

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#Europe My Love#-Leeuwarden, Netherlands

lights of ljouwert (leeuwarden, netherlands) bas meelker

When I was a teenager I fell completely under the spell of romance author Betty Neels, a retired nurse who started writing romance novels in the 1960s. The main character was always a young nurse, well-built, not too pretty but with beautiful eyes who somehow got tangled into a sweet romance with a handsome Dutch physician in the Netherlands. I liked her books so much, I bought out my local library’s entire collection at their annual Summer Sale! I still have a drawer filled with her books.


However, like most Harlequin Romance fans, I outgrew Betty Neels’ books, but her description of the Netherlands stills stays with me and has become a significant stop on my Europe Bucket List.

Photographer Bas Meelker photographed the winter canals of Ljouwert , Netherlands (Leeuwarden in English)  just beautifully. As soon as I saw this, I had to share it. It captures the Dutch city exactly as Betty Neels described it in her books.

One day. One day…

In the mean time, maybe I’ll pull out one of Betty’s old books and go back in time for awhile…


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#Enchanted By Edinburgh#

bank of scotland headquarters by dave studio2photography

This beautiful capture that I came across today is the Bank of Scotland Headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland. This photograph is amazing; for me, it captures down to a tee, how I see myself strolling through Edinburgh on a beautiful twilight evening. The ambiance radiating from the frame is so romantic.

I have a very overactive imagination and sometimes I get a little disappointed when the picture/film in reality doesn’t live up to my own mental photostream ( ie. The Harry Potter movies :S)

But this photographer, Dave Stewart of, doesn’t disappoint. In fact, he achieves the exact opposite. This photograph is Magic, pure and simple.

Thanks for sharing Dave!

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#An Italian Daydream#


Florence at Night


Village in Tuscany

I came across these photographs on FB and thought I’d share. A nice contrast actually, the night time glamour of Florence versus the peaceful charm of the Tuscan countryside. The best of both worlds.

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#Eyes on Ireland#

healy pass, adrigole west cork, ireland

Healy Pass, Adrigole, West Cork Ireland

Now how could you say no to exploring this? The luck of the Irish is truly alive! One of my favourite book series is called “The Irish Country Doctor” by Patrick Taylor. I can only imagine how beautiful the Irish countryside is in his books, but when I find photographs like this, it all comes to life for me.

Simply beautiful…

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#Germany-An Unexpected Delight#

blauberen springs, germany

When I saw this photograph of Blauberen Springs on Pinterest, it just reminded of how much I love Germany. For me, Germany was a traveller’s unexpected delight. Whenever I thought of Europe, it was always London, Paris, Zurich or Rome that consumed my daydreams; Germany never even entered the equation. However, when I moved to Poland, my first stop was the city of Frankfurt, and pretty soon I fell in love with the place.

To me, Germany is amazing. The history, the architecture, the city life and the countryside are all so charming. While the food didn’t really do much for me, the beer, apfel win and pastries more than made up for it! The one thing that really struck a chord with me though is that Germany is a place that has individuality, its own personal style. It’s friendly without being gushing, it’s creative without being gaudy, it’s modern without losing it’s roots, it’s innovative while being environmentally conscious. That unique vibe resonated with me when I first met this delightful country, and pretty soon it became my place to break free.

In short, Germany is one of the most interesting countries I’ve ever travelled. A place you don’t notice instantly, but when you do, you are taken in big time until, eventually, you become hooked. As it is, I’ve become a lifer.

Enjoy your weekend! Danke shon!

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#Enchanted By Edinburgh#

Dean village and the water of leith

Dean Village and the Water of Leith-Edinburgh, Scotland.

This really is one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen. Edinburgh seems to have a lot of diamond-in-the-rough spots to explore, if you know where to look 😉

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