#A Dream Realized-Paris, France#



Paris has always been an elusive city to me, a sort of beautiful dream. It was enchanting, alluring, romantic and captivating-but somehow, always a little out of reach for me and my bookseller/medical extern/research assistant budget.

But all that changed last fall, when my mother gave me the gift of a lifetime. I was going with her to Paris. Paris! The city of my dreams! I had talked up this fantasy with everyone for YEARS!; so much so that my name had become synonymous with Paris in my little circle of friends.

‘Paris? Oh! That must be for S.’

‘France? It’s definitely S you want to talk to. Go find her, she’ll tell you all about it’.

‘Geez! Can’t she just shut up about Paris already?!’ (lol)

Needless to say, it was a journey of a lifetime-and the complete opposite of what I had envisioned in my mind. The fairytale and the reality meshed together, creating a memory so humbling, soulful, eye-opening and utterly lovely that I don’t think I will ever recover from it.

And nor do I ever want to.

Stay tuned for my hilarious mother-daughter adventures in France, see you soon!   x

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#Le Reve de Paris#

I went on a blind date a few weeks ago and when asked about my ideal place to travel, Paris was my answer, flying straight out of mouth before I could even think about it. The guy looked at me over his glasses, a little condescendingly, and said, “Everyone picks Paris, but when they actually go there they are so disappointed. Don’t expect too much.”

I looked at him, rather pityingly, over my coffee cup and replied, ” You don’t know Paris. She meets all my expectations and more. I won’t be disappointed.”

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* photos courtesy of Pinterest, merci beaucoup!*   
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#Le Reve de Paris#


Spring has arrived in Paris! There’s just something about spring in the City of LIght that gives a sheen of romance to the entire city. I like how Parisians take pride in the beauty and glamour of Paris–making sure every corner, every detail, is just as beautiful as the whole picture.

Hope to see you soon Paree!


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#Le Reve de Paris#


Yes folks, it looks like the travel plans to Paris have been postponed for another year yet again! But, in the mean time, I can enjoy these beautiful photographs from Pinterest, and start saving and planning for next year. April/May 2016 is reserved for two–Me and Paris.

A bientot!

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